In the gourmet departments, personal service is a top priority: Here, cheese wedges, wafer-thin schnitzel or individual bread slices are cut to the gram as desired. Local products from local producers are also at the top of the list of specialties.

INTERSPAR, a subsidiary of SPAR Austria, has been the market leader in the hypermarket segment for years. Our recipe for success lies in the unique combination of a familiar atmosphere, customer proximity and high-quality food and non-food products. We are exactly looking for you as a new colleague – or rather as a co-creator of our common future.

World of goods – WEINWELT
Over 2,000 wines and sparkling wines from top Austrian and international winegrowers – in the INTERSPAR wine world there is the right wine for every occasion, many of them at prices that are the same as on the farm. The selection in the online shop, which has received multiple awards from the ÖGVS and is the test winner among all online wine retailers, is even larger.

Up to 1,000 herbs, spices and salts – the INTERSPAR world of spices offers the largest selection of natural flavors in the Austrian food trade with over 50 different brands.

Fresh Fish
INTERSPAR is one of the largest fresh fish dealers in Austria with up to 50 types of fresh fish in service and a total of 200 fish and seafood products. The INTERSPAR fish counter with certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is unique in Austria. All certified fish specialties and seafood come from sustainable sources and sustainable fishing.

Practical, inexpensive, time-saving and modern – the convenience range from INTERSPAR is perfect for quick meals, enjoyable lunch breaks and for a snack in between. Many products are freshly made in the market.

The INTERSPAR fresh marketplace offers over 700 different meat and sausage specialties. All of TANN’s fresh meat and sausage products bear the AMA seal of approval. Pigs and cattle are guaranteed to be born, raised and slaughtered in Austria.

With over 450 types of cheese from Austria and all over the world, connoisseurs don’t miss out at INTERSPAR. Whether mild, spicy, regional or international – the diverse cheese specialties offer long-lasting pure enjoyment. Delicatessen employees are trained in cheese expert training to provide the right advice to customers.

The INTERSPAR Fresh Market offers over 250 different types of fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Freshly harvested fruit and vegetables are delivered fresh every day, many of them in organic quality under the SPAR Natur * pur brand.

Under the motto “The best from home!” INTERSPAR sells products from small manufacturers in the immediate vicinity of the markets. INTERSPAR currently offers over 6,100 products from over 830 local producers. Due to the proximity to the producers, the goods are incomparably fresh and, due to the short transport routes, particularly environmentally friendly.

Oven-fresh bread, crispy pastries and tempting pastries from the real artisan bakery: In the INTERSPAR bakery, INTERSPAR bakers bake oven-fresh bread and baking specialties fresh from Austrian flour every day. The offer includes 50 different types of bread; With the extensive range of Danish pastries and pastries, which are also “conjured up” fresh every day, the INTERSPAR bakery can offer a total of over 150 different gourmet pieces.